#WhoWouldWin: Deadpool vs. Deathstroke

Jun 4, 201872 minutes

Hey guys, it’s me Deadpool. Here’s a little story about my idle sunday afternoon. I decided to unwind by traveling to a carnival and playing with a fun house mirror

Suddenly, I realized the reflection wasn’t me. Not exactly. Wade Wilson- Deathstroke the terminator- came from the DC universe, and boy was he mad. Something about a stolen identity.

So let’s just call this episode when Wade met Slade” and buckle in for another


Links mentioned in this episode:

WhoWouldWin Amazon Store: http://amzn.to/2u8lkvz

James' Book: *Renegade's Guide to Stopping Bullies: http://amzn.to/2DeS7jo

Jay Sandlin: www.JaysandlinWriter.com



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