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Robert Clarke-Chan is a guest on Who Would Win

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Who Would Win The Death Star vs Unicron

Sep 4, 201975 minutes

In possibly the biggest episode ever of Who Would Win the Death Star (repped by James Gavsie) takes on Unicron (repped by Ray Stakenas) with special judge Robert Clarke-Chan!

Will the planet destroyer of the Transformers universe prevail or will the Death Star and its planet killing super laser get the win?

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Music provided by No Copyright Music: https://youtu.be/IElrW52ehJM Music used: Collapsed World by cinematicwaves cinematicwaves.com Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/... & ( “music by Twisterium / freebackgroundtracks.net”

#WhoWouldWin: Shield vs Cobra

Jul 3, 201975 minutes

It’s 80s iconic cartoon villainy vs Marvel's anti-terrorist organization as Cobra takes on Shield!

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